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Predict Your Future in Style: Lisa Frank Tarot Cards

Artist and social media guru, Ariel Hart, took the ancient concept of tarot cards and brought them to 2016 by using Lisa Frank characters that a large majority of 80s-90s kids are familiar with.

Tarot cards date back to as early as the 15th century and some say that the earliest deck was made for Charles VI in 1392. Originally used for card games such as the Italian Tarocchino and French Tarot, which were both revolved around a point system. However, around the 1700s tarot cards began to be used for predicting the future.

The Lisa Frank Incorporated brand was founded by Lisa Deborah Frank, an American business woman. She designed and developed the vibrant, colorful characters and designs that appear on school supplies, lunch boxes, toys, stickers, etc. that are primarily geared toward younger children. The artwork that Frank designs herself feature neon and rainbow schemed colors of cartoon cheetahs, puppies, kittens, horses, unicorns, dolphins, moons, planets, candy, etc. She founded the company in 1979 when she was only twenty four years old and still runs it today.

Artist Ariel Hart was inspired by the Hello Kitty exhibit at the Japanese American Museum in Los Angeles, California, and has taken the traditional-looking tarot cards and transformed them into the fun-loving, colorful type of cards that every social media kawaii guru wants. Hart changed the original tarot card colors and characters and switched them with Lisa Frank characters and vibrant, neon colors.

The Lisa Frank tarot cards by Ariel Hart are available for free on the Huffington Post website for your convenience. Download them today and predict your future for tomorrow.

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