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Broad City: Two Girls, One Dream


New York City is one mean city. There is no failing there; either you make it or you don’t. Two real-life best friends, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson birthed the idea of Broad City in 2009, which started off as a web series on YouTube based off of their friendship, daily encounters, and both of their attempts to “make it” in the Big Apple. In 2014, the web series was picked up and made into a TV show for Comedy Central.

Broad City is not for everyone - some may find the language and actions of the girls as offensive. If you’re not weak of heart, like to keep an open mind, and have a twisted sense of humor… Broad City is for you.

The two main characters, Ilana Glazar playing Ilana Wexler, and Abbi Jacobson playing Abbi Abrams, are both young women are in their twenties, both Jewish-Americans, but both are complete opposites of each other.

Ilana is a sexually liberated, weed smoking hedonist. She is the type of friend who always has an answer and solution for everything. Ilana’s laid back attitude and far-out ideas typically land both Ilana and Abbi in many different scenarios, most of which are hilarious, yet… relatable at the same time in a strange, twisted way. Ilana is your typical slacker; has a job but does the absolute bare minimum without (somehow) getting fired.

Abbi is the perfect complement to Ilana. She is just as quirky and comical, which is shown at it’s fullest whenever she talks to her neighbor, Jeremy. It’s a full blown, playground-type crush that leaves Abbi drooling - literally. However, Abbi tends to be a bit more on the serious side when in comparison to Ilana. Abbi works a menial job as a cleaner at a gym but wishes to be a trainer instead. She works hard to move up the ladder but unfortunately, the other trainers see her as just a “cleaning girl”. Abbi’s real dream is to be a full-time artist.

Without giving away anymore spoilers… Go watch Broad City today. Episodes are available on Hulu and older episodes from the web series days are on YouTube.

Photo source: COX Media

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